Newton Labs Newton Labs control console
The control console for the M210UW and M310UW underwater laser scanners.
Newton Labs
Directional and speed controls for the optional Pan-Tilt Arm are installed on all scanner consoles.
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Specifications for the Underwater Laser Scanner Control Console

All models of Newton underwater laser scanners use a similar style of control console:

  • The console unit consists of a scanner control unit shock-mounted in a metal electronics cabinet within a molded, high-impact airline-transportable case
  • The control unit is loaded with Newton scanning software
  • The unit houses a solid-state storage unit and a USB output port for flash-drive storage
  • The control unit comes with a keyboard and trackball
  • In addition to displaying the software user interface, the monitor screen also shows the scanned area in real time, enabling on-site analysis and easy choice of the area to be scanned
  • For shipment, the screen is securely stowed inside the transport case which is then sealed by snap-on covers front and back.
  • Directional and speed controls for the optional Pan-Tilt Arm come pre-installed on scanner consoles.
Newton Labs Newton Labs
Technical Specifications
Control Console
Height 14.75 in. (374.65 mm)
Width 26.75 in. (679.45 mm)
Length 27.50 in. (698.5 mm)
Weight 84.5 lbs. (38.3 kg)
Construction Metal electronics rack suspended on eight shock absorbers within a molded, high-impact, airline-transportable case
Output ports Ethernet, USB, DVI & HDMI
Operating temperature 40° to 110° F (5° to 43° C)
Storage temperature 0° to 125° F (-18° to 52° C)
Power input voltage 100 to 240 VAC 50 to 60 cycle

Data storage

Internal solid state & USB stick data
Output format .ply point cloud file
Data file size Approximately 100 MB per scan
Power/Data Umbilical Cable Gel filled gel-filled with LLDPE polyurethane jacket and a rated yield point of 80 lb/ft (11 Kg/M) - 150 ft. (45,7 m) standard (other lengths available)
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