For Immediate Release
Date: June 16, 2017

Eric Yates,
Sales Manager
Newton Labs


Introducing the

High resolution lightweight underwater laser scanner
built for ROV/AUV deployment
  • Ultra Light Weight High Resolution Fixed Line Underwater Laser Scanner designed for AUV/ROV deployment
  • The Ultra Light Weight model accurately captures dimensions, sea floor measurements, corrosion and other as-built features mounted on an AUV or ROV
  • Depth rated up to 3200m and designed specifically for AUV and small ROV Deployment
  • Very Low Current Draw-Less than 1 AMP at 24VDC
  • Simple integration with Industry standard IMU's and MUX's
  • Live camera view allows operator to set scanning region of interest.
  • Extremely accurate-the best in the industry
  • Scanning range between 1.5-10 meters
  • Data available instantly

Newton Labs, the world’s largest manufacturer of underwater laser scanners, is pleased to introduce the newest addition to its comprehensive line of underwater laser scanners: the PL3200UW-LW. Weighting only 5 kg, this ultra lightweight fixed line underwater laser scanner is specifically designed for capturing high resolution metrology data deployed on AUV and ROV submersibles.

The PL3200UW-LW expands on Newton’s largest in the industry high resolution laser scanning product line, perfect for underwater metrology and IRM.

“The PL3200UW-LW increases our extensive underwater laser scanning line that already stands as the most complete product offering of underwater laser scanners in the world,” said Eric Yates, Newton Labs’ Sales Manager. "With the PL3200UW-LW we've produced a plug and play product that will simplify integration with AUV and smaller ROVs."

With the longest range and highest pixel count camera in the industry, the PL3200UW-LW joins the Newton Underwater Laser Scanning product line that offers the highest resolution underwater scanners in the field.

The PL3200UW-LW easily interfaces with IMU devices, either integral to the ROV/AUV or exterior IMU systems and join the PL4000UW for subsea deployment. The scanner draws its power from the MUX or ROV/AUV and only requires 24VDC and GigEthernet from the AUV/ROV/MUX. The PL3200UW-LW is depth rated to 3200 Meters, has a 10 Meter scanning range and is easily mounted on ROV or AUV submersibles.

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