For Immediate Release
Date: August 16, 2017

Eric Yates,
Sales Manager
Newton Labs


Newton Labs’ Underwater Laser Scanners are now available with two scanning modes, dynamic and static – easily configured with the click of a button.

Newton Labs, the largest manufacturer of subsea and marine underwater laser scanners, has long utilized scanners built with an internally controlled sweeping laser line that delivers the highest resolution point clouds on the market.

And now in addition, Newton’s scanners can operate with a fixed laser line – continuously recording scan data as the line is moved across the targeted area.

Operators can now fulfill increased inspection demands with one laser scanner.

Newton's M-Series of Underwater Laser Scanners can be utilized for area scans or as a fixed line scanner coupled to an IMU/DVL for long distance scans such as pipelines and umbilicals etc. For the first time in the industry, the same scanner can be used for high resolution area scans and dynamic field scans; with the push of a button on the user interface.

Newton sells the most extensive line of underwater scanners in the world offering a wide range of products with scanning ranges out to 10 Meters and resolutions to 0.01 mm. With 10 years of producing and deploying underwater laser scanners, Newton is the most experienced company worldwide for underwater laser scanning solutions. Contact us to learn more about how our underwater laser scanners can deliver the results you need.

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