For Immediate Release
Date: June 2, 2016

Eric Yates,
Sales Manager
Newton Labs

Underwater Laser Scanning

Underwater/Air Angle and Distance Scanner

Seattle, Washington - June 2, 2016

Newton Labs is pleased to introduce an Underwater/Air Distance and Angle Laser to its line of Underwater/Air Laser measurement devices and scanners. The Nuclear NM800DA and Non-Nuclear M800DA Distance and Angle Laser Systems with their very small profiles are designed to attach to a camera and accurately measure its position relative to a target; with distance, pitch and yaw simply displayed.

Optical exams in the nuclear industry often require cameras to be within a known standoff distance and angle relative to their target. The Newton Distance and Angle Scanner provides operators with quantitative assurance that exams are being conducted within the required tolerances. “Newton developed the Distance and Angle Scanner to ensure inspectors are able to meet their requirements,” said John Bramblet, President and CEO of Newton Labs. “Newton is proud to add this to our line of underwater/air measurement devices and laser scanners. As a company we are committed to providing extremely accurate non-contact measurement solutions that enhance nuclear inspections.”

The NM800DA is designed for underwater nuclear use and the M800DA is designed for non-radioactive marine environments. Newton adds the NM800DA and M800DA to the underwater/air laser scanner line that already includes the Nuclear NM200UW and Non-nuclear M210UW and long-range M310UW.

With a demonstrated accuracy of 0.005 inches or better, Newton Underwater/Air Laser Scanners are the most accurate measurement tools available for 3D as-built inspection. Using this technology, plant operators are able to accurately and consistently capture precise as-built measurements that are critical to the successful design of modification and replacement hardware for reactor internals, without the need for custom measurement tooling.

About Newton Labs

Seattle based Newton Labs is a privately held manufacturer of laser scanning, machine vision, robotics, and optical automation. Newton's products are designed to allow the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of computer technology to replace the human element in virtually every industry. Newton Labs has deployed more than 30,000 laser scanning, machine vision, robotic, and automation systems worldwide.

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