For Immediate Release
Date: November 21, 2016

Eric Yates,
Sales Manager
Newton Labs

Worldwide to represent Newton Nuclear products in China

Seattle, Washington - November 21, 2016

Newton Labs has appointed Worldwide-China ( as its exclusive sales representative for Nuclear products in China. Newton’s nuclear products include the NM200UW Underwater Laser Scanner and NM200E Core Verification System, both recipients of industry awards. The NM200UW captures as-built measurements to within 0.1mm and the Core Verification System uses advanced machine vision algorithms to verify fuel locations in PWR nuclear reactors. Worldwide-China will also sell Newton’s Underwater tank inspection robots, the Inspector and Surveyor. All of these systems have been successfully deployed in active nuclear facilities and function in radioactive environments.

“Newton offers sophisticated tools that greatly enhance plant operations,” said Steven Zhu, General Manager of Worldwide-China. “The Newton products are well received in China and will be an important part of plant operations and maintenance.”

Worldwide technology Co., Ltd Shanghai specializes in nuclear inspection equipment, life science instrument, physical testing equipment, environmental monitoring instruments, Industrial online instruments and other laboratory equipment. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, as a subsidiary of WAD Group. The business spans China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and other countries in the region.

“Worldwide-China is an important partner to help us expand the reach of Newton’s technologies into new markets,” said Newton Labs President John W. Bramblet. “We look forward to their efforts expanding our business in China.”

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