Newton Labs Celebrates its 60th US PWR Core Mapping

2012 NEI Tip Award
Newton Labs is pleased to announce the 60th US Core Mapping with its NM200E Core Mapping system. Since the first deployment of Newton’s NM200E Core Verification system in 2012 at Exelon’s Byron Nuclear Generating Station, Newton has supported more than 60 Refueling Outages at US nuclear plants thus saving hundreds of critical path hours. The deployment of the NM200E system won an NEI TIP award for Exelon’s Byron/Braidwood /TMI Stations for the significant saving in outage time and accuracy over older methods.
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Now adopted by many of the major nuclear utilities, Newton serves as the primary method for core verification and gap measurement for a number of Nuclear Generating Stations. Spending less than an hour over the core, the Newton system is capable of gathAssemblies (FA) location in far shorter time and with greater accuracy then older methods. It does so with a gap accuracy tolerance of 0.50” or less, and then immediately reports any irregularities such as twisted or out of position nozzles to site personnel.

The Newton system was most recently used at Watts Bar Unit 2, for their first ever refueling outage (U2C2). Newton site support personnel successfully mapped the 193 FA core resulting in “ALL Green” map and saving hours over earlier visual methods.

Besides the utilities that own and use the NM200E Core Mapping System, both Westinghouse and Rolls Royce Nuclear (formerly ROV) also own and store the system as a service to utilities that do not wish to own the equipment.

“We are very pleased with accuracy, efficiency and time savings using the Newton Core Mapping Equipment”, said an industry Corporate Fuel Reliability Manager for one of the utilities that use the system. He went on to say “The time saving over previous methods was truly impressive”.

The Newton NM200E Core Mapping System supports Westinghouse, Areva, Babcock & Wilcox, and Combustion Engineering fuel types; allowing all PWR nuclear power stations the benefits of the Newton system.
NM200E Datasheet
About Newton Labs

Seattle based Newton Labs is a privately held manufacturer of nuclear machine vision, laser scanning, robotics, and optical automation. Newton is the original developer of core verification systems and nuclear underwater laser scanners; both systems won NEI TIP Awards. Newton is also the world’s largest producer of core verification systems and underwater laser scanners. Over its more than 20 year history Newton Labs has deployed more than 30,000 machine vision, laser scanning, robotic, and automation systems worldwide.
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