Newton Labs Newton is the world's largest manufacturer of Underwater Laser Scanners
Underwater Laser Scanner M210UW

 Underwater Laser Scanners Accurately Measure As-Built Features    

Newton Labs developed and manufactures underwater laser scanning measurement systems specifically designed to deliver sub-millimeter measurements in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Newton underwater laser scanners enable engineers, scientists and oil/gas industry technicians to easily observe, identify and precisely quantify rust, wear, fissures and corrosion of components. Each scanner model outputs a point cloud so detailed, that when utilized with industry-standard three-dimensional software, a fully measurable CAD model can be generated.

Newton Labs
M210UW underwater laser scanner

Newton Labs

M210UW Underwater Laser Scanner

M310UW underwater laser scanner

M310UW Extended Distance Underwater
Laser Scanner

The M210UW is versatile laser scanner specifically designed to operate underwater that also provides for in-air use. The system combines rugged, industrial-grade hardware and electronics with sophisticated, Newton-developed software that compensates for the disruptions of refraction, turbulence and suspended particulates, characteristic of the underwater environment. The M210UW is designed to operate in a laser-to-target range of 6.0 in. to 3.0 ft. (150 mm to 900 mm).

The M310UW is designed to operate underwater with an effective scanning distance of between 1.5 feet and 10 feet (0.46m to 3m) from a target surface. The M310UW extends the usage range of measurements, compared to the M210UW, by a factor of more than three times, potentially shortening large project scanning time for the dimensioning of cracks, welds and other structural, man-made or geological features.