Interactive C ICB Assembler Server

This server allows people to compile assembly (.asm) files into relocatable, linkable binaries (.icb) to link in to IC code. This server is a bit kludgey and will most likely go away once a version of IC is shipped with an ICB assembler.

To assemble code, paste it into the following window, and then press the "assemble" button. You will get a new page back, with two windows: one with any errors, and the other with the actual output. Look closely for errors. Warnings, such as:

"servo.asm"(199): Warning --- Value Truncated

can usually be ignored.

Note that you can't #include files with this server -- you'll need to edit the .asm file to remove #include's and insert the text of the files they name. (The server is simple-minded and rejects any file with a "#include" string, so you have to actually remove it, not just comment it out).

Helpful hint: Make sure to make your web browser window is wide enough so that you can see both scrollbars in the text window

(If you'd like a larger window in which to edit the ICB source, try this page instead).

ICB Assembler Server by Carl Witty
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