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Newton Labs Angle and Distance Scanner

NM800DA Nuclear

M800DA   Non-Nuclear     Underwater/Air Distance and Angle Measurement

Newton Labs
NM200UW scanner Nuclear mapper & scanner heads Deploying the NM200E in France Press die inspection system Surveyor robot under water Purple Haze Inspectodr A geared rack and pinion gear Mapping the Oconee reactor core Fact-finding tour in an electrical vault Underwater laser scanning
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Newton pioneered precision underwater laser scanning. Learn more here.

Newton Labs  Non-Contact Sensing and Robotics Technology Applied to Industry

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Newton Labs is an industrial engineering and manufacturing firm that develops advanced, often first-of-a-kind precision inspection, non-contact measurement and robotic systems for industry. The tools we create feature innovative applications of robotics, machine vision and laser sensing technologies.
Beginning with in-house applied research, we deliver sophisticated solutions by drawing upon our extensive expertise in software, mechanical and electrical engineering. We pride ourselves in producing accurate, effective and efficient results that resolve our customers' most challenging problems.

Globe Newton is the world's largest manufacturer of Underwater Laser Scanners.



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