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Newton Labs no longer supports Versions 3.xx and earlier versions of Interactive C.

Bundled with the Rug Warrior Pro mobile robot kit (from the book Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation, by Anita Flynn and Joe Jones).

Interactive C is a C compilation environment for many Motorola 6811 based robots and embedded systems. Originally developed for the MIT LEGO Robot Design Contest (6.270), Interactive C has enjoyed widespread distribution and use. Interactive C's claim to fame is its interactivity: users can type in expressions and have them compiled on the fly and run immediately, rather than waiting for lengthy compile and download cycles. IC currently supports the 6.270, the HandyBoard and the RugWarrior and RugWarrior Pro.

For those who have only used the freeware IC 2.8, we hope you'll be pleased at the improvements with IC 3.1:

For those comparing Interactive C to other C compilation environments, here are some of the features of Interactive C that helped make the MIT LEGO Robot Contest a success:

Supported Operating Systems

IC 3.1 User's Guide

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