Newton Labs dented can lid
Salmon can with a dented lip seal .
Newton Labs malformed can lid seal
Salmon can with malformed lip seal .

Salmon Can Lid Seal Inspection

salmon canning line
Four imagers, set 90 degrees apart on arms that bridge over the conveyor line, provide the full-circumference view of all passing can lids.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to inspect the 360 degree radial integrity of the rolled top seal at ten cans per second. The defect of the seal shows up as small <0.01” protrusions which are the same color and contrast as the can and seal. The defects were previously detected exclusively by humans rubbing their fingers along the seal interface.

The Solution:

Newton engineers developed a circumferential array of area scan cameras and a custom overhead illuminator that caused a specific shadow to be cast only when the defect was present below the seal. The vision system would detect and measure this shadow to determine if the defect was cause for rejection.

Newton Labs
Newton Labs

Technology Applied:

No-Contact Gauging
& Surface Deflects

Location: Auburn, Washington