Newton Labs Hummer H2
The finished product
Newton Labs the windshield assembly work cell
Hummer windshield work cell. The windshield assembly robot is on the right, in orange.

Laser Guidance For Windshield Assembly Robot

red lasers shine on a Hummer
The lasers establish a unique coordinate registration based on each chassis position.

The Challenge:

Hummer chassis on the assembly line were not uniformly aligned as they entered the automated windshield installation work cell. In order for the robot to successfully perform its task, a unique coordinate registration on the windshield frame was required for each vehicle.

The Solution:

Newton engineers employed laser profilometry (the measurement and profiling of a 3D object) to track each Hummer chassis and guide the windshield installing robot. They developed a system using four lasers and cameras to provide individualized distance, rotation and angle data to the PLC as each vehicle moved through the work cell.

Newton Labs
Newton Labs

Technology Applied:

Laser Non-Contact Gauging

Location: Detroit, Michigan