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Modifying a Vesta SBC332 board to use Flash EEPROM

To program Flash EEPROM in place on your Vesta board, you'll need to add two wires, cut a trace, and remove a jumper from a jumper block.

Our modification does the following things:

Tying A18 to /OE prevents us from using EEPROM parts bigger than 128Kx8 (for a total of 256K of EEPROM). Larger parts would require a different wiring scheme, which would need to include a pull-down on a data line to tell the 332 to turn chip selects into higher address lines on reset.

Add two wires and cut a trace

Add two wires to the back of the board, between the pins marked with circles. Cut the trace labeled by the "X" right before it joins the large ground trace.

Configure the memory jumpers

Remove the center jumper from the block of 5 jumpers (J2). This disconnects the EEPROM's /WE and lets it be driven by the 332's R/W. No modification for the RAM jumpers is necessary. This picture shows a typical configuration, with two 128Kx8 EEPROMs and two 128Kx8 SRAMs (which is how all of our vision systems ship).

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