Motorola BCC 68332 board

The Motorola BCC (for Business Card Computer) 68332 board has a 68332 processor, 64K of RAM, 128K of EPROM, and other support circuitry needed for using a 68332 processor.


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Motorola BCC Pictures

Stand alone Motorola BCC

Motorola BCC Platform board


The Motorola BCC pictured above is sold by Motorola either as a stand alone module (top picture), or with a platform board (M68332EVS) and/or debugging module (DIBUG) pictured in to the right of the BCC. As of 1991, the educational price for the full evaluation kit (which includes all the modules mentioned above) was between $200 and $300, which was less than the commercial price of a stand alone BCC.

The BCC itself is approximately 2 1/4" x 3.5" in size. It is a 4-layer surface mount board with a 68332 Microprocessor, 128K of EPROM, 64K of RAM, and a serial level shifter surface mounted to it. It also has two 64 pin connectors which provide access to nearly all the signals on the 68332.

The EPROM on the BCC comes loaded with "CPU32Bug," a Motorola debugging monitor which allows you to view and modify memory and registers, assemble and disassemble code, and download S-Records. If you get the platform board and DIBUG module, you can reprogram the EPROM. You can apparently also reprogram the EPROM if you have a device programmer by building a socket converter, although we have not tried this.


The BCC is well engineered and high quality (the battery backing for the RAM even works!). The only disadvantage in using it is that it only has 64K of RAM, so you need to add external circuitry if you need more RAM. If your application requires no more than 64K of RAM, I believe that the BCC is the best 68332 board currently available. If you need more memory and you aren't up to designing your own hardware, you may want to buy one of the other boards.

Extra Info

We have made a postscript file which prints tags for the two 64-pin connectors on the BCC. This is very useful for being able to probe the signals easily. There should be exactly 1/10th inch between each row of text for it to line up correctly with the pins. You may need to adjust the scaling for it to work properly with your printer.

From: Motorola Inc.;

6501 Wm. Cannon Dr. West

Austin, TX 78735-8598

Contact: Motorola Sales Offices (See International Sources, page 186)

Terminal or host: RS-232-C compatible

Applies to: M68300 Family

M68332EVK Evaluation Kit

The M68332EVK Evaluation Kit, consisting of a Business Card Computer and Platform Board, is an economical means of evaluating a target system incorporating an M68332 MCU. It substitutes its MC68332 MCU for the MCU of the target system. The EVK is supplied with CPU32Bug. EPROM programming is supported. A host computer with an RS-232 port downloads object code and enters commands. A compatible terminal emulation program is required (e.g. PROCOMM).

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