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trophy 1997
The FIRA World Cup
The Newton Research Labs cooperating soccer robots took first place at both the 1996 and 1997 Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournaments, held in Taejon, Korea.
Winning Technology: The Cognachrome Vision System.
First place, "Clean-up the Tennis Court"
Newton Research Labs demonstrated the fastest tracking and capture of moving balls at AAAI in 1996 (as seen on Scientific American Frontiers.)
Winning Technology: The Cognachrome Vision System.


Cognachrome boardThe Cognachrome Color Vision System
The Cognachrome Vision System is the most popular, low-cost vision-based tracking system used by researchers today. Its extremely fast tracking output (60 Hertz) means it can be used in very high performance systems, while its small size (2.5"x6.25"x1.25", 8 oz.) means it can be embedded in small robots.

Get more information about the Cognachrome system, including an online version of the user's guide and examples of current applications (including four contest-winning robot teams, a robot arm that catches balls, and autonomously docking underwater robots).

The Cognachrome Stereo and Cognachrome 6-color. The new double-stacked Cognachrome can process images from two cameras simultaneously for stereo vision, or up to 6-color fast tracking from a single camera.

The Cognachrome System is no longer available


The ARC C Development Environment
The ARC C development environment is our system for programming 32-bit embedded systems. It can currently target the Motorola 68k family as well as the Intel x86, P5, and P6. The ARC C environment combines the ease-of-use and interactivity of Interactive C with the GNU CC compilation backend, well known for its stability and excellent optimization. ARC's multitasking kernel has a built-in debugging communication protocol for interaction with the host.

Get more information about ARC, including features, pricing, and an online manual for browsing.

 The MACH 5 high performance robot Mach 5 soccer robot
The MACH 5 ultra high performance multi agent cooperator is now available for mid-sized
RoboCup soccer playing and robotics research and development.

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