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Subsea Objects, Pipeline and Sea Bed Measurements

For information on the Newton Labs PL3200UW-LW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner, please contact:

Newton Labs PL4000UW Pipeline Underwater Laser Scanner Newton Labs PL3200UW-LW Newton Labs Newton Labs ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT Newton Labs Newton Labs VERY LOW CURRENT DRAW Newton Labs Newton Labs STREAMLINED DESIGN - SUPER LOW DRAG Newton Labs Newton Labs 10 METER SCANNING RANGE Newton Labs

3200 Meter Depth Rated Ultra Light Underwater Laser Scanner with easy MUX and IMU Integration specifically designed for small ROVs and AUVs

The PL3200UW-LW underwater laser scanner operates by optical triangulation. The projected laser line sweeps the target surface and the high-resolution camera, centered on the target, captures any deformation of the line and sends the information to the surface laptop or control console where the Newton-developed algorythms create and record a point cloud, enabling precise, post-session dimensioning using industry standard three-dimensional software.

  • Ultra Light Weight  Less than 5 Kilos in water
  • 3200 Meter Depth Rated  10 Meter scanning range
  • IMU and MUX Integration  The PL3200UW-LW easily integrates with any MUX and IMU devices for power, communication and postion data. The UL3200UW only requires 24VDC at less than 1 Amp and GigEthernet from the MUX on the ROV/AUV. Extremely low power for AUV usage.
  • Streamlined Design  Low Water Drag
  • Extremely High Accuracy  With a longer base line and higher resolution camera than any other underwater laser scanner, the PL3200UW-LW has the highest accuracy in the industry.
  • Live Camera View  The PL3200UW-LW, unlike other underwater laser scanners, contains a live operator camera view that greatly simplifies scanning, shortens scanning time and increases accuracy.
  • No Operating Componets Exposed to the Water  The PL3200UW-LW is designed with all operating componets fully contained behind the pressure boundries.
  • Designed for Easy ROV/AUV Mounting  The PL3200UW-LW requires only GigEthernet and 24VDC from the ROV/AUV at a very low current draw (Less than 1 AMP). Convenient mounting pedestals and mounting pads allow for simple gripping or bolting to any ROV/AUV.
  • Scan Area  The PL3200UW-LW has a scan area of 8.4 Meters by 6.7 Meters at 10 Meters distance from the scanned objects.
  • CAD Model Resolution  The PL3200UW-LW produces scans with CAD resolutions down to 0.02MM depending on the distance from the scanned object, IMU update rate and the speed of travel.
  • All Digital Data  All data is transmitted to the surface or the AUV vis GigEthernet for permanet storage and later analysis.
  • High Strength Aluminum Construction  Heavy Sea Water Anodized


Newton Labs developed and manufactures the PL3200UW-LW Underwater Laser Scanner specifically for small ROVs and AUVs to gather highly-accurate non-contact measurements in subsea eviroments.

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