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Newton Labs M3200UW

  Subsea Measurement

For information on the Newton Labs M3200UW Underwater Laser Scanner, please contact:

M3200UW Underwater Laser Scanner Newton Labs M3200UW Newton Labs 3200 Meter Depth Rated Underwater Laser Scanner Newton Labs

Dual Usage Scanner:

  • High Resolution Metrology: Underwater Scanner with Internal Scanning to provide Sub-Millimeter Accuracy
  • Large Area Coverage: Fixed Laser Line combined with IMU Data for ROV/AUV Usage

3200 Meter Depth Rated Underwater Laser Scanner Measures With Sub-Millimeter Accuracy

The M3200UW underwater laser scanner operates by optical triangulation. The projected laser line sweeps the target surface and the high-resolution camera, centered on the target, captures any deformation of the line and sends the information to the control console where the Newton-developed algorithms create and record a point cloud, enabling precise, post-session dimensioning using industry standard three-dimensional software. Although specifically designed for use in fresh or salt water, these versatile scanners can also operate in air.

  • Dual Usage  The M3200UW can operate with a fixed laser line and IMU data as well as the standard internal high resolution scanning.
  • Live Camera View  The M3200UW, unlike other underwater laser scanners, contains a live operator camera view that greatly simplifies scanning, shortens scanning time and increases accuracy.
  • No Moving Parts Exposed to the Water  The M3200UW is designed with all moving components fully contained behind the pressure boundaries.
  • Designed for Easy ROV/AUV Mounting  The M3200UW requires only GigEthernet and 24VDC from the ROV/AUV at a very low current draw. Convenient mounting pedestals and mounting pads allow for simple gripping or bolting to any ROV/AUV.
  • Scan Area  The M3200UW has a scan area of 3.28 Meters by 4.28 Meters at 5 Meters distance from the scanned object.
  • CAD Model Resolution  The M3200UW produces scans with CAD resolutions down to 0.02mm depending on the distance from the scanned object.
  • All Digital Data  All data is transmitted to the surface or the AUV vis GigEthernet for permanent storage and later analysis.
  • High Strength Aluminum Construction  High strength aluminum hard seawater anodized.


Newton Labs developed and manufactures the M3200UW Underwater Laser Scanner specifically to gather highly-accurate, sub-millimeter, non-contact measurements in subsea environments.

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